How to successfully transform a sales team

Transformation process

Each transformation is different and depends upon the client's specific initial position and goals. We offer structure and reliability through defined processes and methods to systematically lead our clients to success - even in uncertain and dynamic times. Our project with Sprint is an example of such a successful transformation process.

Case Study:

The Sprint Way of Selling

A number of takeovers and mergers meant that US-based mobile network operator Sprint was undergoing change in various divisions - the sales department in particular. SalesGenetics was charged with developing and implementing a sales transformation program: The Sprint Way of Selling.


Sales Manager & Salespeople

Introduction of a new sales program for more than 150 managers and 1600 salespeople


Workshop hours

More than 2600 workshop hours in 200 workshops throughout the United States


Win rate

Implementing the SalesGenetics program doubled win rate


New customers

Significant increase in new logo enterprise accounts in five months

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